Buffalo Wild Wings

In order to really amp up their guests about UPshow, Buffalo Wild Wings created the Lost in the Sauce campaign. BWW leveraged the most well-known part of their customer experience (being covered in sauce after eating wings) and encouraged their guests to share that moment to the screen. Sometimes all it takes is a creative prompt!

iO Theater

Chicago's premier improv comedy theater takes advantage UPshow's social display not only to drive UGC, but also to promote their variety of upcoming shows. With all of the incredible shows and opportunities iO Theater has to offer, it's difficult to make sure each gets adequately promoted via traditional marketing methods. With UPshow, each show can promote themselves on the screen via their own social media accounts. 


Healthworks goes above and beyond when it comes to making their fitness centers a welcoming and motivating place. Normally, only current members would be aware of the small details that create such an atmosphere, but with UPshow Healthworks members can tell the brand’s story to people who haven’t even ever walked through the door. 

Evening Entertainment Group

A well-crafted spotlight can provide guests with a strong impression of a brand’s personality and help them feel more connected to the atmosphere and the experience. EEG venue, Backyard in Dallas, promotes dog-friendly events to show off their relaxed, animal-loving attitude. 

Nashville's Whiskey Jam

The performers are not the only ones at Whiskey Jam to get star-studded treatment. With the UPshow screen placed perfectly next to the stage the crowd can be in the party and in the spotlight at the same time. This encourages concert guests to post their Whiskey Jam moment and the envious social media post will circulate their web of friends, promoting the concert even further. 

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