Adding UPshowNow Feeds

To add UPshowNow feeds onto your screen you go to the Media and Entertainment section of your control panel and make sure you’re in the UPshowNow section. 

You can find different feeds by browsing through our featured and national feeds or by searching for specific places, categories or words. 

Once you find a feed you would like to add to your screen, you hover over the icon and select “Subscribe”. 

Please note, subscribing to feeds does not add any cost to your monthly subscription

Removing UPshowNow Feeds

If you want to remove a feed you previously subscribed to, make sure you are in the main UPshowNow area in order to look at “My Subscriptions”. This is where you can see all of the feeds you are subscribed to. 

Once you find the feed you want to remove, hover over the icon and select the red “no” symbol. This will remove the feed from your subscriptions and it will no longer appear on your screen. 

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