In the Control Panel you have the ability to remove any piece of content that someone may post on your screen. You have the ability to remove a single post or multiple posts at the same time. You can do this quickly and easily by going to the content section of the control panel. 

Deleting a Single Post

To delete a single piece of content, find and hover over the image you want to remove and you will see a variety of options appear. One of them will be the option to remove the photo.

After you click on “Remove” you will receive a pop-up confirming that you want to remove that photo. 

Once you select “Yes, Remove It” your image will disappear from your control panel and immediately be taken off of your screen. 

Deleting Multiple Posts

To delete multiple pieces of content, hover one of the images you would like to delete and select the circle in the top left corner on the piece of content.

You can then select as many pieces of content you would like to remove. Once you are done selecting the pieces of content you want to remove, you then select the trash can in the bottom middle of the screen. 

After you select the trash can you will receive a pop-up confirming that you want to remove all of the photos you selected.

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