To create a spotlight in your dashboard there are a few steps you can take whether you are trying to upload an existing graphic or create one from the dashboard using a template from our library. 

Creating a Spotlight

Go to the Spotlight section of your control panel and select “Create Spotlight”

Once you select “Create Spotlight” you will need to give your spotlight a title, this title will help you reference the image later in your main spotlight menu. 

After you give your Spotlight a title, you have the option of selecting which spotlight type you are trying to create.

File Upload - upload an existing image or video 

The dimensions of the image should be 1920X1080 and the file format should be .jpg or .png for images and .mp4 or .mov for videos. If the image size you have is not 1920x1080 do not fear! Our system will automatically create a blurred background so your image will fill the entire screen. 

Template Library - choose a dynamic moving background for your own text overlay

You can scroll through the backgrounds or you can filter the backgrounds specific categories. 

Once you have picked the background you would like to use it will automatically take you to the “Text Overlay” section where you can type what you would like the spotlight to say on the provided lines. 

YouTube Video - add a YouTube video as a spotlight

Simply copy and paste the YouTube video URL where it says “Video URL” and you’re good to go!

Scheduling a Spotlight

After you have created or uploaded your spotlight you can then schedule it.

Scheduling is used if you have a set time frame you want the spotlight to appear on your screen (ex. starts on the 1st and ends on the 30th). 

After you click on create spotlight, it will then take you to the scheduling page.

Your spotlight will auto schedule for "All Days" but you can select specific date ranges, days of the week or the time a day the spotlight appears. 

To create a separate schedule, make sure to delete the "All Days" scheduling on the right. To save your specific schedule, select the "Save" button. You can set multiple different schedules to the same spotlight and you even select what timezone you would like it to appear in. 

If you would like to change your default timezone please reach out to your customer success manager and they can make that change for you.

This scheduling feature allows you to pre-schedule spotlights so that you do not need to remember to take it down later.

Once you are done uploading/creating and scheduling if necessary, you can then close the spotlight window. After you close the window, your spotlight will appear in your main spotlight menu and will also be live on your screen! 

Please note the only reason the spotlight would not show up on your screen is if the scheduling did not include the day you created the spotlight or your device is offline.

Still having trouble?

Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser to ensure full functionality of the Control Panel. You can download the browser for free here.


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